• Yoga

    Strengthen mind and body through guided Asana practice.

  • Hypnotherapy

    Guiding you to a deeper state of calm and self actualization.

  • HypnoArt

    Tap into your innate creativity and connect with the creative muse.

  • Restoration

    We help you find equanimity and balance through breath.



Kyle McGough and Thea Pueschel offer group classes and private sessions, creating a Yoga experience completely accessible to anyone. Open your mind and body to the possibility of a powerful practice without all the stereotypes.


Thea Pueschel’s private hypnotherapy practice (Hypnotiq Solutions) is now located in Hazel Blue. Sessions are by appointment only. Call 323-835-3039 to set up an appointment.

Engaging Workshops

From creative arts (HypnoArt) to healing arts (Reiki), workshops focusing on removing blockages and creating foundations for a holistic lifestyle are offered at Hazel Blue Studios upon occasion.


We build community through body positivity, recognizing and appreciating people for the individuals that they are.

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