The Studio

Hazel Blue is a living arts studio focusing on Yoga, holistic arts, creative workshops, and community events. After much thought, the studio name was fashioned after the eye color of partners Thea Pueschel, C.Ht., CYT (hazel) and Kyle McGough, RYT-200 (blue), creating a name that was representative of the services offered and the intention of the space. Both Kyle and Thea hail from a visual arts background. Thea first started to explore Yoga and alternative health modalities a decade ago after adrenal burnout, seeking to restore balance within her body. Kyle, with 25 years of martial arts experience, found himself with a Jiu-Jitsu injury leading him to brave a different kind of mat in order to heal, that of Yoga. Jointly on paths to wellness, they discovered the unity and similarity in modalities and creativity. Wanting to share their insight and experience led them to the creation of Hazel Blue Studios.

The studio is located behind Dave’s Accordion School. Once you walk in through the wooden gate off of Hollydale Drive you will be transported to a place of stillness and calm. The wild urban garden that has been evolving and growing for over 40 years changes every few months, carefully grown and nurtured succulents are potted in brown planters stacked in pyramid formation, the bright blue façade emotes calm. The mixture of blue, green and brown represent the flowing and grounded nature of Thea and Kyle’s collective practice.

Inside the micro-Yoga studio the ceiling is vaulted creating a light and airy sense of space and being. The wood floor and baseboards provide a sense of ground and support. The grey curtain in the back brings balance and draws focus.

Hazel Blue offers a respite from city life, providing a sense of tranquility and stillness in a uniquely urban setting. This studio seems as if it was transported from some exotic locale or European city and dropped into the heart of the Atwater Village Neighborhood in Los Angeles.

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