“Thanks for a fantastic Curvy Yoga class, Thea! So glad to be apart of it”!

“This was an amazing session! So excited for next Session. :-)”

“Today’s session was awesome! I feel so blessed to have found this … I have a new found energy and gratefulness that embraces me!”

“It was great, warm and welcoming environment. Can’t wait to go back :)”

“I’ve found a practice that I can keep up with and modify for my body.”

“In my 51 years, Thea is the BEST yoga teacher!”

“It is fun and engaging. Thea is such a great teacher. I felt very comfortable in the class.”

“We get to address our body and honor it in our practice.”

“Love it…”

“I loved the Curvy Yoga class! I didn’t know there was a yoga option for us curvier folks and am so thrilled to have learned about…”

“Weds. night yoga w/ Kyle was extraordinary this week: It’s Friday morning, and the glow still hasn’t worn off!”

“Loved it! It was funny because I was in such a bad mood all the way over there because of the traffic and I kept saying to myself “This is the only time I will come to this class!” And then at one point I completely forgot all about the traffic and all my troubles! I especially love how intimate the class was.”

“I’ve got to tell you that I slept like a baby last night and I woke up feeling very refreshed. I’ve haven’t felt this “normal” in a very long time. Thank you thank you thank you!”


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